Our Approach

Investing in people and ideas to end global poverty.

Engineers Without Borders creates change by supporting social innovations in Canada and Africa that can break the systems that sustain poverty. We promote policies to foster more equitable development. We invest in leaders who enable others to reach their full potential.

From wanting global change to leading systemic change

EWB Canada is committed to nurturing and growing a powerful community of passionate, talented young people into an understanding global systems of justice, their role in these and accelerating their capacity to lead systems change work. For more than 10 years, EWB has been attracting and developing leaders and engineers who can change systems. EWB offers its members, staff, and volunteers the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills, gain valuable leadership experience and take active roles in systemic change initiatives. Some launch the ventures that EWB supports in Africa or Canada; some take accelerated career paths thanks to the skills and insights they've developed; all are sought by leading non-profits, social enterprises, organizations and corporations.

From inspiration to influence

There is a difference between a good idea and a good idea that has influence in business, government, development organizations or society as a whole. EWB Canada helps turn ideas into impact. We convene collision spaces that bring cultures together, make sense of the systems we want to change, provide deeper understandings of problem definitions, highlight bright ideas, test innovations and ripen the environment for change.

From concept generation to impact generation

EWB Canada invests in ventures that will drive radical systemic innovations, sparking and accelerating the development and growth of these ventures, building capacity and resiliency to ensure their long-term independence and sustainability. Ventures are radical when the propose alternatives that fundamentally challenge the norms and habits that contribute to the patterns of injustice in the prevailing system. Some are social enterprises that bring affordable financing the rural entrepreneurs. Some improve African government service-delivery and decision-making. And some mobilize Canadians and engineers to create change in areas like ethical consumption. All challenge the status quo and provide radical alternatives to unjust systems. Our ventures are organized into portfolios, each focused on a global issue. Work in any individual venture is tied back to the larger goal of the portfolio.